best places to fish for bass in summer

The time period from early August to early October can be one of the most challenging times of the year to locate and catch quality strings of bass. The water in most NC and SC lakes is very hot and the oxygen content is very low.


Bass are generally scattered and lethargic. However if you fish in the right areas and are patient, you can catch some huge strings of bass during this time of the year.


There are 3 bass patterns that have consistently produced in NC and SC lakes during the late summer to early fall period:

  • rocky points
  • banks, shallow flats near creek or river channel
  • matted vegetation

Some bass will begin to move shallower during the late summer to early fall time period due to the lack of oxygen in the deeper sections of the lake.


The hotter the summer the poorer the oxygen content is in deep water areas.


During these hot weather conditions shallow rocky points and rocky banks can produce tournament winning strings of bass. These points should be out in the main channel or a large creek that offer a bass some type of current flow.


Author Bio

Wayne Hauser is a Touring Professional Bass Angler who is currently fishing on both the FLW Tour and in the BASS Opens. The 2013 season was his first year on the FLW Tour. He has fished the BASS Opens for two years. Wayne has a wealth of knowledge about bass behavior, techniques to catch bass, and how to do well in bass tournaments, which he shares with us in his articles. He is from and currently resides in North Carolina and is married with one son.


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