Jon Reznack's mapFinding Fish Without Being on the Water

Finding bass can sometimes be a big task. There is a lot of water to cover and time is precious when most of us only have the weekend to fish. Using good maps and asking questions will help eliminate most of the lake.


Some of the tips I am going to give you have a proven track record on winning tournaments and getting on fish fast.


Find Yourself a Good Map

I find that Fishing Hot Spot Maps makes the best map on the market. With their easy to read contours, keys, and color coded hot spots, finding the hot spots is a little easier when going out to the lake and not fishing blind without doing your homework.


Maps and Social Media


Fishing and social media go hand in hand when looking for new water to fish. There is a website out on the internet called Fishidy. What Fishidy is, is an online data base of Fishing Hot Spot Maps mixed with a social media background. We can store and share our way points or we can see where our friends have been fishing on the local lakes. We can also share pictures and we can also keep a log of the weather, water temperatures, and over all conditions.


Watching the weather channel will save you a lot of time while on the water and it will also say how long you can fish for before the weather turns bad.


Overall, if you use some of these resources they will help you in the long run. You won’t be wasting time on the water and we all know what that means. More time to fish and more fish at the end of the day.


These pointers have proven themselves over and over on every body of water I fish and for every tournament I have fished in.


About the author

Jon Reznack has over 19 years experience fishing with over 5 years at the professional level in the state of Wisconsin. Jon also spends 150 plus days a year on the water while going to college as a full time marketing and advertising student. Jon enjoys passing on his knowledge to other anglers and encouraging the sport with youth. Find out more about Jon on his facebook page.