kokanee fishing gear

A medium action 9 foot spinning rod and reel is sufficient for Kokanee fishing

The Fraser River in British Columbia Canada offers great fishing. On any given summer day as many as 4500 anglers can be found fishing the river.


The best time to look out for Sockeye is in June when they first begin appearing in the river. They continue to show up until September when spawning season is over for the Sockeye.


Spawning Sockeye don’t all appear at the same time. They show up in groups of every increasing numbers and it’s not until later July that really large groups of Sockeye return to the river to spawn. After early August the numbers returning start to drop off.

Fraser River Fishing

The best places on the Fraser River for salmon fishing are located from Chilliwack to Hope. Keep an eye out for the multitude of sand or gravel bars there.


The Fraser is a major river and as such, be careful. Water depths change dramatically as you move about the river and what is deep one year can become shallow the next. For example, water depths can easily change from 25 feet deep to just a foot, so keep an eye out. A good tip to follow here is to scout out the river segment you’ll be boating prior to heading out.


As we’ve said, bars change from year to year so there’s no sense trying to list them here. We suggest checking with any of the local tackle shops located along the Fraser for the latest information on bars to fish from. Any of these in the Fraser valley will be able to give directions.


A boat is highly recommended, but there are plenty of island bars that are accessible using chest wadders.

Kokanee Fishing Gear

Alternatively a medium action spinning rod and reel that is 9 feet long should do you fine. Anything else will result in a poor outing that would otherwise have been a great day.