best trout lures

Eppinger Daredevle is a good all-round spoon

Fishing spoons are, as the name implies, mostly a spoon-shaped lure. The first spoons were almost identical to table spoons. These lures have changed over the years and apart from reflecting, they don’t resemble spoons at all.

Modern Spoons

Modern spoons are often made of plastic and need the use of a swivel as they generate a lot of torque as they move through the water.


Most of them wobble and with the right weight, casters can be cast a long distance while others are light and great for surface casting. They’re highly versatile because they can be cast and also trolled.


Eppinger Daredevle: We consider this to be one of the best ‘all round’ spoons due to the variety of fish it catches and the habitat it can be fished in. This lure has been used for years and recommended for every tacklebox.


Blue Fox Pixee: This spoon works very well with salmonids, especially coho salmon.


The lobo spoon:  A lure that’s highly successful with sea-run Arctic char as well as many salmon species.

Casting Spoons

Casting spoons are also known as Canadian spoons and traditional spoons. Casting spoons are characterized by their oval shape and constructed from metal such as stainless steel.


While they’re among the best lures for bass of various sizes, they’re also highly effective with many other fish species from the very small to very large. Most store-bought casting spoons are fitted with single and treble hooks.

Weedless Spoons

lure of fishing in a weeded area

Johnson spoon

The weedless spoon is simple with a single hook welded onto the spoon. A wire weed guard that extends to the point of the hook which protects the hook from snagging on submerged or floating cover, such as brush, stumps and water weeds.


The weedless spoon works well in open areas between weed beds without becoming entangled. An added advantage is that weedless spoons won’t get caught on brush near the shore or in other spots where fish hide. A very versatile spoon because it can also be trolled or jigged.

  • Recommended lure for Bass, Walleye, Musky

Surface Spoons

Surface spoons are ideal for bass fishing in weeded areas.


The hook faces upward to avoid getting snagged on the weeds and is hidden in a skirt. The spoon is light and often made of plastic or wood. Surface spoons are highly effective when bass are hiding beneath the surface and among shallow heavy weed cover.

Trolling Spoons

As the name indicates, trolling spoons are designed for trolling. They’re light in weight, often weighing no more than 1/8 of an ounce (3.54 grams). Even trolling behind a boat, keeping the spoon at a particular depth is tricky. In these situations the use of a downrigger or diving plane will make life much easier.