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Whiterock Bass Features and Size

During spring and summer, insects become a top food as they are in abundance. Whiterock bass are generally thicker, stouter fish, compared to their striper and white bass parents. They are a very strong fish that also grows...

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Whiterock Bass Spring Fishing

GPS devices are also useful, especially for night fishing and fishing in remote areas. Spring Conditions Spring is the most popular season for catching Whiterock Bass. Although success can be found in all seasons, spring offer a...

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Whiterock Bass Summer Fishing

A good Whiterock Bass technique is to use lures coupled with spoons and spinners along with a good plastic worm. North & South Summer fishing is very different in the north than in the south. As other distribution ranges...

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Whiterock Bass Winter Fishing

Ice Fishing rods are much different than bait casting and fly fishing in that they aren’t much longer than 12 nches long. Winter is a great time to catch Whiterock Bass. They can be caught in dam tailwaters by tightlining...

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Whiterock Bass An Introduction

Unlike other hybrid fish, the Whiterock Bass are not sterile. Whiterock Bass, (Morone saxatilis & Morone chrysops) is a hybrid striper, or more precisely, it is the offspring of a pure-strain white bass parent and a...

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Whiterock Bass Habitat

Whiterock Bass feed early in the morning and late in the afternoon, preferring to stay in shady areas or in deep water. Preferred Habitat Whiterock Bass live in the same freshwater habitats as their parents, primarily large...

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Whiterock Bass Lake Fishing

Try trolling a crank bait on a line sixty yards long over the shallows with a live bait or plastic worm attached. Whiterock Bass lake techniques are very similar to those of freshwater Striped Bass and White Bass. They can be...

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Whiterock Bass Night Fishing

A dual beam sonar device with GPS is highly recommended for night fishing. Night Fishing Night fishing for whiterock bass is a lot of fun, not to mention quiet and relaxing at the same time. the day is filled with noise, there...

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Whiterock Bass Reproduction

They can be caught on light to medium tackle using jigs, spoons, live minnows and most lures imitating bait fish. Hybridization The Whiterock Bass is a hybrid of the White Bass (Morone chrysops) and the Striped Bass, (Morone...

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Whiterock Bass River Fishing

A 3-weight fly rod is a great light weight fly rod. While an ultralight rod is better equiped for Whiterock Bass, it is not well suited to the other freshwater fish that are likely to strike the flies in the southern states....

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Whiterock Bass Distribution

They can be found west to California and east to New York, from Nebraska and Manitoba in the north to Florida in the south. Whiterock Bass are limited to waterways that have an abundance of baitfish, primarily those that are...

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Whiterock Bass Feeding Habits

When fishing in the dark, focus on lures that provide a flash, much like baitfish. Whiterock Bass feeding habits are very similar to those of their parents, the Striped Bass and the White Bass. They spend a lot of time in deep...

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Top Tips

Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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