Night fishing for Spotted Bass is a lot of fun. A common favorite for catching the Spotted Bass is eel in combination with a jig.


Unlike other bass, the best night time fishing is during a full moon, though catching other bass species can be hard when the moon is full.


A soft night light can be used while night fishing, but don’t overdo it or you’ll scare them away as they can see above the surface.


Some of the best places to fish with the jig and eel are where ricks cliffs fall into the water to a depth of about 6 feet or so.

Lures, Lines and Reel

You can also try this for night fishing use 3/4 or 1 ounce spinnerbait in dark colors such as black or june bug with a single big #5 or #6 Colorado blade, on a baitcasting reel with 12 pound test line.


Another technique is to fish on long tapering points and on steep rock banks. Keep your boat to water that is about 30 feet deep. Cast your lure to the bank and slowly reel it back.


Presentation is everything so be sure to present the lure or bait in a realistic manner. Keep the bait down on bottom so that you feel the bait bumping the rocks and brush all the way back to the boat. Reel at a steady rate, but if you lose contact with the bottom, stop reeling for a second or two.


Tools that make an effective night excursion include an electric motor, a soft glow flashlight and a dual beam fish finder with GPS.

GPS can be very helpful when fishing new areas at night so you won’t get lost.


Use a 12-volt electric motor so as not to scare away the fish.