A great set of lures for beginners or hobbyist fishermen that are made of high quality, durable material. With a specialized design that’s developed to be realistic, functional and easy to use, these lures are a great addition to any lure collection.


All of the lure designs featured in this pack have been tested by experts to ensure they have a lifelike swimability, great design, easy attachment, and are the best that they can possibly be. The lures come with quality carbon steel treble hooks to help you maximize your catches and reduce bait loss and missed catches.


bait fish luresFeatures of the Nuthin’ Fancy Outdoors 16 Pack

  • 16 weighted paddle tail soft plastic lures
  • designed to simulate bait fish
  • lifelike colors and style attracts fish to your bait
  • paddle tail action give aggressive presentation

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Perhaps the best thing about this collection of lures is that they are perfect for all skill levels. If you’re a beginner this is a good set to have as the lures are good and work well. Importantly they are affordable enough so it’s easy to replace them if need be.


For hobby fishermen or intermediate fishers, these are nice lures to have on hand if you want to do some casual fishing or are fishing with others who are at a lower level.


Even those at a more professional level can find a use for these lures. They’re good for testing the waters and seeing what fish are out there


So if you love to fish, consider adding this collection of 16 lures by Nuthin’ Fancy Outdoors to your arsenal today!

About Nuthin’ Fancy Outdoors

Nuthin’ Fancy Outdoors is based in Ponce Inlet, Florida and is still family owned and operated. It’s success in the fishing industry began with a simple and honest idea, to offer quality products at reasonable prices so everyone who has a love for the great outdoors can get out and enjoy nature without breaking the bank.


Beginning small and selling online the company soon grew based on their quality products and commitment to excellence. They are now known as a leader in all things hunting and fishing.


Nuthin’ Fancy Outdoors has expanded and continue to grow, yet they maintain the tradition of excellence and take great pride in the reputation they have established among hunters and fishers around the world!