The Aurora Trout does not have a large distribution so learning where to find them and how to catch them is not difficult.

The locals are often the best source of information due to their limited distribution but they are not hard to learn about.

Trolling and Casting

Trolling is one of the best techniques for catching Aurora Trout when they are going deep. Casting is still a good and fine way to catch Aurora Trout or any other fresh water fish when they are deep due to the way it presents the bait.

A good fisherman can get the lure or bait to move around like a real bait fish. But, if you know where the fish are, then casting can work just as well.

Rigs and Tackle Tips

The best rig to use for trolling is not with some heavy duty planer but with a light line, the use of a three way swivel, a heavy sinker and a small inline spinning lure. Keep in mind that these lakes are not deep.

A light rod and reel are best as Aurora Trout rarely get bigger than three pounds, though larger ones are not all that uncommon, just don’t expect them at every outing. Use medium tackle if there are other larger fish at the same depth.

Quite often Lake Trout and other Bass will be at depth along with the Aurora Trout and light tackle can break under larger fish like four to six pound fish.

Cut two pieces of monofilament line that are three feet and two inches long and then tie your lure to the to the middle eyelet on the three piece swivel so the lure will be horizontal to the water line.

Tie a one ounce weight to the other length of line, fixing the other to the swivel.

Deep Water Characteristics

Aurora Trout do not go below 35 feet of water and many of their lakes just don’t go that deep and they don’t need to. And, even for the odd fish that goes that deep, it is not worth chasing after. However, you should be mindful of the currents and how the drainage of major rivers effects Brook Trout.

When they are at depth, they prefer slow moving currents and like to be close to drop offs, avoiding the mouths of rivers except when they want to feed.