The only deep water fishing is found in the ocean as Chum Salmon are are not found in freshwater, nor have their been attempts to introduce them to freshwater lakes.

The only time that Chum Salmon are actually in freshwater is in the spring when they hatch and in the fall several years later when they mature and are ready to spawn.

Chum Salmon Ocean Fishing Tips

Ocean fishing requires the use of a boat and bait gear. While it is possible to fish from the shoreline when Chum Salmon come into the bays and estuaries, your options are limited to as far as you can cast. this should only be attempted if you are certain og their location.

Keep an eye out for water disturbances in the bays and estuaries as Chum Salmon are known to jump about. Also, keep an eye out for schools of bait fish like herring as Chum Salmon are often close by.

You are also likely to catch many other salmon and fish species as Chum Salmon are not the only fish species to enjoy herring.

Selecting the Appropriate Line Weight

Keep that in mind when you select your line. Don’t go too light when fishing in the ocean and don’t go too strong or it will remove the enjoyment.

Avoid light weight lines if you plan to release the Chum. These lines cause the fish to work harder and become exhausted. Their chances of survival drop significantly with prolonged fighting.

Fishing Finders and Baits

When fishing in the ocean, knowledge of fish migration patterns, day and night locations as well as popular feeding spots are important. However, when fishing in water as deep as 200 to 300 feet, a fish finder makes locating their depth quick and simple.

As far as selecting baits or lures, any local bait fish will work. Focus on those fish that are popular for that time of year and focus on those that are schooling.

Trolling for Chum Salmon

Once a school is located, drop baited lines slowly down to the salmons’ depth. Trolling works best if the Chum Salmon are spread out. The best way to troll is allowing the line drag out behind the boat by either drifting with the current or holding steady with the current.

Use light weights if there are few lines on the boat and use heavy weights when there are many lines. Light weights do not significantly increasing the overall weight of the hooked fish and line while heavy weights allow greater control and keep the lines from tangling and they drop when a fish bites.

Chum Salmon enjoy roe, Gooey Bobs, Jensen Eggs, colored beads or other roe imitations. Fluorescent yarn works well in pink, chartreuse, orange, salmon red and all other bright colors.