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“If there is such a thing as an “off season” in bass fishing, I think we here in the frozen snow belt might be deep in it right now.”

I’m sure there are plenty of great ice fishing opportunities in your area right now. I will be out on the hard water in about hour myself. But, what to do if hard water is not your thing? There are tons of things fishing-related going on throughout the country right now.


My buddy Richie Moschella and myself host a Cablevision/youtube fishing show called, “The Reel Deal” that really focuses on easy to reach and affordable bass fishing destinations.


Bill Peraino Off Season

During the winter freeze this is really our busy season. Pouring over maps, scouring hundreds of web sites and trying to figure out which lodge, fish-camp, guide service, that’s an easy commute and gives the best bang for the buck.


Let’s face it, the stay-cation is here for good. Then in turn we try to visit a few and video our adventure for our audience to see what they have to offer. We have also been busy at sportsman shows.


This January we had a booth at the Outdoor Sportsman show here in Jersey to promote our show. We were fortunate enough to have been booked to give 2 kayak bass fishing seminars and had the opportunity to give 4 presentations at the Hawg Trough. In the same tank Iaconelli and Hite did theirs…that was so fun!

We did 2 days at the fly fishing show also. This month we travel to a well known sporting goods store for Cabin Fever day. Next month is 3 day long Paddlesport and of course at the end of February to the beginning of March is the World Fishing Expo in Suffern, NY.


A few charity events after that and we have accomplished what we needed to. We are not professional fishermen getting megabucks from tackle manufacturers or free boats to promote their brand. We are just 2 guys who love to fish and want to be involved in the industry. With that being said, soon the March sun will work its magic on the frozen landscape, transforming this frozen tundra.


Lakes will begin to melt and its inhabitants will begin to stir. Are you ready for it? I think the best place for me to start is with my tackle. I will pull everything out onto my basement floor and do a little inventory.

Check out your Gear

First my rods and reels. I give my rods a good looking over to make sure they are in good working order. From butt to tip I check for wear, cracks, missing guides/inserts, loose reel seats, anything that shouldn’t be there and that rod is taken out of service.


The reels should be checked even closer. I will check any screws that might be loose, drag system and lubricate them well. All line is replaced if needed. All my crankbaits taken out, hooks sharpened and/or replaced.


Spinnerbait skirts/blades checked, all plastics sorted and put in place. And all other baits just check to see if they are in good shape and ready to go. And boxes wiped clean. The exciting times ahead demand good functioning tackle so get on it now!


Editors note: Thanks Bill for the insight into your “off season”


About Bill

Bill Peraino co-hosts “The Reel Deal” with Richie Moschella. The show can be found in northeast New Jersey where it has been running for 4 years. He is an avid Kayak fisherman, where he can be found fishing with his Ocean Kayak. Bill has been bass fishing for 20 years and brings his knowledge, tips and tricks to Bass Fishing Gurus.


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