Study the tides. Larger tides have more predator fish like the European Bass because a large tide brings in a lot of baitfish.

Autumn fishing is considered the most rewarding seasons to fish for European Bass. As the weather turns cool, pools and rivers turn cold and become fertile feeding grounds.

Surf fishing is still a good method to catch European Bass, but the best and most successful method is river fishing, especially in the northern regions of the bass’s habitat. As always, look for the bass in the surf where the sea floor is made up of troughs with rocky shoals and in channels.

The best baits to use in the fall are the same ones used in summer including crabs and molluscs, though ragworms, crabs, squid, clams, shrimp and bait fish still work, especially if fished aggressively, appealing to their instinct of territory.

Success in the fall is insured not through the right bait, but through the right tackle. Focus on a high-quality rod. It will ensure better casts and will stand up better to large European Bass.

European Bass are well worth the effort for their ferocious fights as well as their great table fair.

Float Fishing

Float fishing and spinning are two techniques that work rather well. Aim for areas that are likely to have an abundance of mussels, crabs hiding and small fishes as these are favourite bass food. Float fishing works well behind the surf, with live bait.

Fly Fishing

Fly-fishing is also becoming a popular way of catching the bass. European Bass can be fished from the shore or from a boat. We recommend the following flies for catching sea bass/European Bass:

Turrall bass bug black hair; Turrall gerbubble natural; Turrall slinky black leech; and the Turrall tungsten sand eel.


Study the tides. Larger tides have more predator fish like the European Bass because a large tide brings in a lot of baitfish. Since higher tides also induce mating and birth so there is plenty of food available in the form of planktons and baitfish.

Ocean fishing is a little more difficult to detect strikes than freshwater fishing. The movement of the sea and the boat can feel like a strike. Watch for any rod movement, line movement and indicator movement, which are not in time with either the tide or wind. Holding the fishing rod and line may also help in achieving the same.

River Fishing

Many of the coastal rivers around the british isles, northern coasts of Europe up to Norway and the Mediterranean coast offer excellent european bass fishing. Rivers that are busy with high traffic and pollution should be avoided as fishing is often poor and not good for table fair.