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Bass can be put off by scent as much as they can be attracted by scent? They can be repelled by insect repellent, tobacco smoke and chew so avoid these items when fishing.

Saltwater reels come in many varieties. When fishing for bass that can be found in brackish water, such as European Bass, be sure to use saltwater gear. Freshwater gear will rust up and fail before too long.


Striped Bass River Fishing

It's not uncommon to catch Striped Bass weighing as much as 40 pounds, some 300 miles from the ocean.   Tip: Hot freshwater striper fishing spots are found below power-generating stations in fast rivers. Striped Bass lay in wait below the generator discharge...

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Rainbow Trout Night Fishing

What works? The best parts of the river for night fishing include slow areas just outside of bends where the water is calm as well as the shallows and open flats. Essentially, your standard spots for catching Rainbow Trout. Avoid baitcasting and using spinning tackle....

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Largemouth Bass Feeding Facts

These fish are voracious feeders. Adult largemouth bass are largely fish-eating predators. But the food type changes as they grow from plankton, to insects, to fish, crayfish and frogs.   The largemouth bass is a sight feeder and takes food from the surface, in...

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Largemouth Bass Night Fishing

    At night Largemouth bass follow the lure by its sound. Any disruption in the lure's pattern may avert the fish. Night bass fishing is all about the lake conditions. In the summer, muddy lakes produce more fish during the day. Clear water lakes that are...

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Lake Trout Autumn Fishing

  As the air begins to cool and the sun starts to set earlier each night water temperatures start to dive with the start of September. Techniques for fall are much the same as used in spring, which we'll go through.   However there are several big...

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Brown Trout Night Fishing

Big Brown Trout are well known for their night feeding and many anglers love going after them. And often the larger brown trout are easier to catch at night than they are during the day.   They come into the shallows to feed off bait fish and insects. Especially...

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Fishing Gear

Kayak and Canoe Basics

To the novice, using a kayak or canoe to fish can be a challenge. Fishing Kayaks Angling for bass, trout, charr or salmon is always an adventure. But it's even more of a challenge when using a kayak or canoe.   Once you get used to the concept, with the right...

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Fishing Tools

Having the right set of tools in your tackle box will make your job that much easier, especially if your trip is taking you a long way from any form of store.   Some tools, like augers, are seasonal in nature while others should always be part of your tackle...

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Fishing Tackle – Fishing Nets

Why it's important to buy a quality landing net Depending on the purpose of the net that you're buying, always keep in mind the quality. Good nets are made of fish friendly materials such as nylon and other oil-based materials. They dry fast and are often made of two...

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How to Choose the Ultimate Fishing Rods

A guide for all types of fishing rods, their advantages and disadvantages as well as best uses. Ultralight rods, carbon fiber rods,telescopic rods,baitcasting, spincasting,ice fishing, trolling,fly fishing rods, surf rods and saltwater

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Tackle Tips



What are Spinnerbaits? The ever popular, and universally loved spinnerbait comes in 2 basic shapes. The U or V shaped wire, and the Y shaped are the two major forms of this lure. And that's it.   Their variety comes in the type of spinner, the bait...

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Fishing Techniques – Trolling

  Trolling is the process of placing fishing lines behind a moving boat. The lines can be baited with lures or live bait. Getting started Many bass anglers prefer casting to trolling. However trolling with crankbaits is far more accurate at various depths than...

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Crayfish – Live Bait

Catching big bass with crayfish Crayfish are popular and considered a large part of the diet among adult bass like largemouth, smallmouth, white bass and redeye bass.   Crayfish is one of the best live baits and is considered more popular than worms and minnows....

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Fishing Tackle – Spinners

  A swivel is a must unless you want line tangles and twists on a regular basis. We recommend a ball-bearing swivel for the job.   Fishing spinners are seen as lures and also as an accessory to a lure or bait. It's important to remember that spinners...

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Fishing Tackle – Fishing Spoons

Fishing spoons are, as the name implies, mostly a spoon-shaped lure. The first spoons were almost identical to table spoons. These lures have changed over the years and apart from reflecting, they don't resemble spoons at all. Modern Spoons Modern spoons are often...

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How to Choose the Best Lure

Lures are designed to utilize movement, vibrations and color to catch the attention of a fish and get it to strike. They've been around as long as baits, with no known earliest date. Although we do know that the Chinese were the first to make fishing line which was...

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The jig is one of the most versatile lures, even more so than spoons. They're considered more successful than using bait. Jig fishing is popular because they can be cast, trolled, fished along the bottom and fished in an up and down fashion.   Jigs initially...

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Plugs and Poppers

What are fishing plugs? Fishing plugs are a hard-bodied lure that are also known as crankbaits, wobblers, shallow-divers and deep-divers. These plugs are designed to imitate fish, frogs and other prey that are known for their diving abilities. We've had a high success...

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Fishing Tackle – Lines

How often should I change my fishing line? A lot of factors can determine when's the best time to change your line. Obviously you will have no need to change your line every month if you only fish once a year.   Clear and unobstructed water will mean you...

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Fishing Tackle – Hooks

The best piece of advice we can offer on hooks is that you fish with sharp hooks! Sharp hooks catch fish much better than dull ones!   There's so many to choose from. We've listed here some of the things you should know when choosing which hook to use, and when,...

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Striped Bass Deep Water Fishing

During the day, Striped Bass enjoy the safety of the deep and only come to the surface at night, especially during hot summer months along the southern US coast. they enjoy feeding along the edges or drop offs stripers also prefer oxygenated waters Where landlocked,...

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Smallmouth Bass Feeding

Crayfish or crawfish (as they're called in the southern United States), are their top prey and will always land a good sized bass if they're the right size.   Small crayfish will quickly be gobbled up by other local fish like rock bass and perch. Crayfish may be...

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Largemouth Bass Autumn Fishing

    Bass feed on large schools of gizzard shad and minnows living in the same general areas.   Cooler temperatures arrive in mid to late fall (and early fall in the north), but can take as long as November in the southern United States.   As the...

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Brown Trout River Fishing

Brown Trout are a territorial species. They like to stake out a protected home area near the edges of fast currents. Check out these techniques and tips to put the odds in your favor. Any obstruction in the water that may provide cover for the light-sensitive fish is...

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Brook Trout Autumn Fishing

fall is the spawning season for Brook Trout As the water temperature drops, in the fall months Brook Trout return to the surface. They leave the deep pools and riffles of rivers and the deep parts of the lake. When Fishing Starts Forget the calendar when trying to...

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Atlantic Salmon River Fishing

  Atlantic Salmon are mostly sea-going, but there are some that are landlocked. Most of the landlocked salmon are part of a stocking program and can be found in deep lakes and small ponds. However, even the sea-going Atlantic Salmon spend most of their time in...

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Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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