growing salmo salar

Fly fishing’s the most popular method for catching Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) are also known as grilse, grilt, fiddler, and Kennebec salmon in Danish and Norwegian.

After spawning, the male Atlantic Salmon can be referred to black salmon, slink or kelt.

Growth stages of Atlantic Salmon

Alevin stage: They stay in the breeding ground and use the remaining nutrients in their yolk sac before traveling further. During this developmental stage the young gills develop and they become active hunters.


Fry stage: This is where the fish grow and subsequently leave the breeding ground in search of food. During this time they move to areas with higher prey concentration.


Parr stage: The final freshwater stage is when they develop into parr when they prepare for the trek to the Atlantic Ocean.


During these times the Atlantic salmon is very susceptible to predation. Nearly 40% are eaten by trout alone. Other predators include other fish and birds.


Once they reach adulthood fewer fall to predation, but many are still taken by seals and bears, not to mention humans. Atlantic Salmon is very popular with anglers the world over and have a seemingly legendary reputation.


Fly fishing is the most renowned method for catching Atlantic Salmon. They’re fished in rivers and streams along the eastern coast of North America and the western coast of Europe, including the United Kingdom.

Economic Importance of Atlantic Salmon

Not only is the Atlantic Salmon very popular among anglers due to its size, taste and color, but it’s very popular with restaurants and home kitchens and BBQ’s across the world.


Atlantic Salmon accounts for more than a staggering one billion dollars the world over from fishing to culinary activities. It accounts for over $130 million in eastern Canada alone.

Atlantic Salmon Table Fare

Atlantic Salmon are known for their wonderful taste all over the world. Their flesh is very tender and has a creamy soft flavor compared to other Salmonide species.


In fact many people who don’t like the taste of fish, enjoy the Atlantic Salmon due to its unique and sunfish flavor.


The Atlantic Salmon is also in high demand for sushi restaurants. Due to the rapid expansion of sushi restaurants over the past 10 years, demand for the Atlantic Salmon has increased significantly. To meet the increased demand, salmon farms have sprung up all over the east and west coast of Canada and the United States due to the ideal water conditions