The Suwannee river is some 400km long/250 miles, but only the last 110km/70 miles can be accessed by boat. The river has some 20 natural springs that have been identified to date. It contains a wide variety of fish from Largemouth Bass, Tarpon and Redfish to Suwannee Bass.

Rich in Wildlife and Plants

It is widely known that the best Suwannee Bass fishing occurs in north Florida, those areas that are not well navigated by boat. There are several reasons for this, one of them being that upstream rivers in Florida are rich in minerals that are released from ground water springs. These minerals attract a diverse plant and animal life with an abundant population of Suwannee bass.

As many local anglers are aware, the Withlacoochee river and Santa Fe river feed into the Suwannee river and contain the largest population of Suwannee bass due to the rich mineral waster and abundance of animal and plant life. Florida waterways are generaly rich in minerals and wildlife during the summer months as well as late spring and early fall.

The Suwannee Bass prefer locations with underwater debris such as logs and rocks along the river banks with slow to moderately quick flowing water especially where there is a steep river bank by soft silty bottoms where lily pads are located.