tips for fishing lake trout

Lake Trout like to be wined and dined, they’re not looking for fast food

Lake Trout are very cautious fish compared with bass that are very quick to strike a good bait.

Lake Trout Fishing Tips you Need to Know

They will not jump at a bait presentation without at least testing it and this can take some time. By testing it we mean that they will usually start by following the bait for a bit, essentially checking to see if it’s normal.


After a while they may bump or nudge it to see how it reacts. It will continue to do this a few times until it’s convinced and either strikes or swims away. It’s as though the Lake Trout are checking to make sure that the bait is not a lure or something else.


It’s during this time that you’ll either lose the fish or land it.


Simply waiting for the trout to strike will not end up with a trout on the end of your line. In order not to loose a prospective Lakers, you need to make the lure or bait act alive in a natural way.


Lightly jerk the rod a bit and move from side to side. Preset the bait in a way that it’s a real bait fish and it’s trying to get away. Play this game right and the trout will strike.

The Most Successful Lake Fishing Technique

Run a small plastic wobbling bait about a foot behind a cowbell attractor. Besides the use of plastics, spoons and spinners also work well. Keep in mind that this is only going to work if you move the bait forward slowly.


Lake Trout like to be wined and dined and are not looking for fast food.


Rush things and you’ll  loose the trout’s interest.

Sandy Bottoms

If the lake bottom below is sandy, drop the line straight to the bottom then let it lift up 1 or 2 feet (but no more) and then run it along the bottom of the lake. This won’t work if there are a lot of obstructions at the bottom.


Use a dual beam sonar to monitor the condition of the bottom. If it looks like there may be a change in depth, be prepared to change your approach as lake bottoms are often characterized by debris and rocks at depth changes.

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