striped bass fishing season

try jigs and deep-running crankbait lures for stripers

This is Striper season. The best fishing is during the summer months, especially in the northeast along the coast of eastern Canada and into the St Lawrence.


And the best night fishing is along the central coast of North America during the mid summer months of July and August. Summer is the only time of year that many northern lakes and rivers get warm for the bass to spawn.

Prior to spawning, they’re rather docile and slow to feed. Check out fishing striped bass in spring for a full run-down,

6 fishing tips to help you avoid the crowds

  1. Striped bass can be caught from the shore. You don’t need a boat to land a lunker
  2. Find a spot near an estuary
  3. Cast into the river or a spot where the shoreline is rocky
  4. Striped bass are night feeders. Instead of going out during the day, go out late in the day just before the sun sets
  5. fish at night or alternatively during the early morning
  6. Try fishing spots away from populated areas. After all the entire east coast is the stomping grounds for the striped bass

The big problem with summer fishing is that it’s such a very busy time of year and reserving a fishing boat will be difficult unless you have your own boat. While a boat experience can be a lot of fun, the most successful anglers are those fishing from the shoreline.