brown trout patternBrown Trout have a very large distribution as they’re found on all continents with the exception of Antarctica.

…And for those of you who have written to us to claim that the Arctic is another continent the Brown Trout is not found on. Please understand that while large, the Arctic is not a continent, but a large floating sheet of ice.

All research states that the Brown Trout is native to Europe, North Africa and western Asia. Some are unsure, but also believe it’s circumpolar as well.

Brown Trout New Zealand Introduction

The Brown trout was introduced to New Zealand in the 1860’s. After being released, they spread quickly to other rivers by first heading to the sea and moving to other rivers.

Unlike other Salmon, the Brown Trout doesn’t spawn in the same place year after year but can wander to new locations.

Hatcheries were later set up to spread the Brown Trout further into the New Zealand ecosystems.

Brown Trout introduction into China

The Brown Trout was introduced in to China in the 1930’s along with several other fish species. They were also introduced to the major river systems of the Amo, Wang, Chang, Tongsa and Manas1.

Brown Trout introduction to South America

The Brown Trout was introduced to Chile in the 1800’s. Like every other lake and river where they’ve been introduced, the Brown Trout has flourished in Chile. Their numbers were the greatest in the southern waterways and lakes.

Europeans introduced the Brown Trout into most of the countries that they colonized during the 1800’s.

They were introduced to the Caribbean, Canada, United States, Peru, Brazil and many more. In most climates they’ve flourished with the exception being the hottest climates in the tropics.

Canada and the United States

In North America the Brown Trout is found in rivers and lakes. The exception is the most southerly American states due to the high temperatures of the water during the summer months, which exceeds their maximum temperature range. Although, they have been introduced to Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi with a very limited success.

Brown Trout are limited in the northern end of their distribution. You won’t find them in northern Canada or Alaska.