The magic of finding that perfect fishing spot where there’s a strike at the end of nearly every cast is the holy grail of fishing. You get it once or twice in a lifetime. Or so we thought.


Imagine being able to have it at your fingertips. At just the press of a button. Spot lock makes that happen by locking in your GPS co-ordinates so unless the river changes overnight you can lock it in and return whenever you want.


The most incredibly accurate tech savvy GPS anchor on the market comes as a part of i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link from Minn Kota. It’s got the newest and most updated hardware and software which means it’s an industry leader and on nearly every fisherman’s wish list, and for good reason. That little anchor button is the most used feature on any of the trolling motor models offering i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link.


  • Another top attribute is the distance to spot feature. Shown on the remote it makes driving and finding your preset spots easier counting down the distance at a glance.


To see spot-lock in action we’ve attached some videos, thanks to Minn Kota, explaining how it works and showing real people using it in real time.

  • Another awesome feature, as easy as the touch of a button, active spot-lock jog. This will move the boat five feet forward, back, left or right which enables you to stay right on top of the fish.


We also love that it can be operated from the controller hanging around your neck or the button on the foot pedal so your hands have more time on the rod where they belong.


This is an industry leader in GPS anchors and a total game changer for pro fishermen and keen anglers alike.


Available on Minn Kota’s freshwater models Ultrex, Ulterra, and Terrova, as well as saltwater models Riptide Terrova, Riptide Powerdrive and Riptide Ulterra. (Click on the links to find best prices and availability on Amazon.)


Spot-Lock Issues reported

  1. Spot-lock doesn’t hold the position.
  2. System locks up, or spot lock intermittently turns off. Suggest the first thing is to check under the pedal. It’s susceptible to any interference from small pieces of debris, such as a zip tie, that can sometimes find their way around the floor of a boat.
  3. Pedal correction and getting used to the steering assist. Correcting course with the tap of the pedal can take a little getting used to. When the power steering assist kicks in to auto-correct your position, it can seem a little overkill on the motor at first.
  4. Pedal control – Too soft or a ‘squishy feeling.’ In comparison to the Motorguide, the i-Pilot pedal feel is not as stiff.
  5. Older models had a problem with motherboards which seems to have been rectified on newer models.


Click here to find Minn Kota’s i-Pilot troubleshooting guide. If you’re having an issue with erratic steering corrections, you’ll find these steps helpful for pinpointing and finding a solution to the problem.

Minn Kota vs. Motorguide

Minn Kota put their Spot-Lock to the test against Motorguide and recorded the result in this video.  Just a note this is video is dated, as the test was in 2017, but still interesting and worth checking out.