fishing kayaks

get to fishing spots that are inaccessible any other way

To the novice, using a kayak or canoe to fish can be a challenge.

Fishing Kayaks

Angling for bass, trout, charr or salmon is always an adventure. But it’s even more of a challenge when using a kayak or canoe.


Once you get used to the concept, with the right equipment and location, it can be even more enjoyable than nearly any other option.


Who doesn’t want to feel the excitement of paddling down a whitewater river to get to a special spot that’s almost lost to the world?


Who wouldn’t want to cast a line down into the depths and hook one of the best fish on the planet?


Kayak fishing has so much going for it.

Saves gas and promotes healthy living

  • a great way to stay fit and exercise without it seeming like exercise
  • silent running so it won’t spook the fish
  • with gas prices so high, it’s light on the hip pocket
  • get to fishing spots that may be inaccessible by other means
  • portable, light, quick and easy to launch

Choosing a kayak or canoe

The 2 main things with this type of fishing that hold back most anglers are

  1. what kayak or canoe to use
  2. learning to use the kayak as a tool to accomplish the goal

When looking for a kayak or canoe to fish from, you have to take into account what you want to accomplish. Determine if you’re looking to fish by yourself or with a partner. This will make a huge difference in the type of kayak or canoe you buy.


Additionally you need to make a decision on which boat you’d like in general.

Suitable for extreme habitats

A kayak has the advantage of being able to be used through more dangerous waterways to get to unique and isolated habitats. It also provides the paddler with great control and functionality.


A canoe, on the other hand, can hold more people and has more space, but is a more controlled craft.


Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is if you want to fish on your own, use a kayak.


With more friends, use a canoe.

Whatever your decision, the important thing when searching for salmon, bass, trout or charr is to get the right equipment, tackle and find the best habitat.


Whether you decide on a fishing kayak or canoe find a model that you can handle and that meets your needs.


This article was brought to you by The Wilderness Review and modified by Bass Fishing Gurus.