Like the brook trout, the aurora also is not very intelligent. They are an attractive fish but seem to have the intelligence of a garden tractor.

As a result, the aurora trout is not selective in its feeding habits. If something moves and looks the least bit edible, the Aurora Trout will likely take the bite.

This reflects the same type of appitite as its cousin, the Brook Trout. In fact Brook Trout have even been known to eat mice and other small animals like salemanders.

It is not known if mice and other small animals have managed to slip into the water after a storm or fallen in from getting too close. As such, it is believe that Aurora Trout would eat the same types of food but due to their limited numbers and distribution, this is simply conjecture at the current time.

Strong Apitite

The Aurora Trout have a very strong appetite. One could say that they eat like teenage boys devouring everything in site. However, we do not recommend getting creative and stick to the standard baits.

When water temperatures are in their optimal range, 55°F to 58°F/13°C to 14°C, they will eat half their body weight in minnows each week. A two-pound aurora will chow down a pound of minnows in seven or fewer days.

The largest Aurora Trout ever caught in Ontario weighed in at 6.75-pounds and was brought in by a 10 year-old boy dragging a spinning rig and worm during the middle of summer.

That trout was 20.25-inches long with a 13.5-inch girth. The fish was caught in the Kirkland Lake area, which is the same general area, but a few hours from Sudbury.

Not a Trout

The Aurora Trout is not really a Trout at all and neither is the Brook Trout. While most anglers view the Brook and Aurora as trout, they are actually from the Genus Salvelinus, more popularly known as Charr.

Another member of the Charr family is the extinct Silver Trout. The Silver Trout went extinct in 1930 in New Hampshire.

It was almost as rare as the Aurora Trout in that it could only be found in three lakes: Dublin Pond, Sunapee Lake and Christine Lake. The Aurora Trout might have ended up being extinct as well if it was located in a more accessible locale.