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Dolly Varden An Introduction

Whenever the name of the Dolly Varden comes up, I can’t hep but laugh a little. Dolly Varden is the name of a person, not a fish. It’s like naming your dog Steve, Jim, Tyler or James. The Dolly Varden (Salvelinus...

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Dolly Varden Summer Fishing

Summer is an interesting time for the Dolly Varden. At the beginning of summer, most sea going Dolly Vardens are already in the ocean, having travelled from their winter spawning grounds, or those habitats just down from the...

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Dolly Varden Winter Fishing

Ground water sources play a part in the spawning of Dolly Varden. While not required, it is a preferred habitat for them and they will lay their eggs in the general area of the spring. Understanding the significance of the...

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Dolly Varden Features and Size

The Dolly Varden has a rounded body, being more plump than other Charr species. Even the Bull Trout, which is often confused to be a Dolly Varden has a slender profile. Dolly Varden Color & Features They have an olive green...

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Dolly Varden Spring Fishing

If you have not read our section on habitat, we recommend you do so before reading the techniques on catching Dolly Varden. This is important as the Dolly Varden is a northern dwelling fish in a harsh environment. The Dolly...

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Dolly Varden Habitat

Dolly Varden prefer deep pools an riffles in rivers and streams. Most native Dolly Varden are anadromous, meaning that they are sea going. However, Dolly Varden can also be found in reservoirs and lakes. Some are there...

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Dolly Varden Lake Fishing

The normal habitat for the Dolly Varden is not a lake habitat, but a river habitat that leads to the ocean and the ocean itself. There are some lakes where the river has been blocked from returning to the sea where they live...

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Dolly Varden Reproduction

Dolly Varden take several years before they are mature enough to be able to spawn. Dolly Varden usually spawn when they are four years old, but may take as long as seven years old before they are mature enough. Furthermore,...

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Dolly Varden River Fishing

River habitat represents where mature Dolly Varden spend over 60 percent of their life. Knowing their ideal habitat and which rivers they can be found is critical for a successful fishing trip. For locals, a failed outing is...

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Dolly Varden Autumn Fishing

The months of autumn begin to see the mature Dolly Varden migrate from their ocean habitat of the early summer to the headwaters of their birth streams. Dolly Varden are not mature enough to migrate until year four at the...

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Dolly Varden Deep Water Fishing

Deep water techniques cover lake and ocean habitat. Sea going Dolly Varden can change their location if the water gets too warm or if the food becomes scarce. However, those Dolly Varden that are trapped in lakes and reservoirs...

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Dolly Varden Distribution

The Dolly Varden can also be found as far south and the US/Mexican border in the United States. The Dolly Varden has a large distribution. It is found in abundance in the far east including Japan, China, north from Japan into...

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Top Tips

Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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