Smallmouth Bass fishing is common in freshwater lakes and rivers of central North America, Africa, Asia and even Europe. However they are native only to central eastern North America.


More specifically, they’re native to the Great Lakes to the east through the St Lawrence river drainages of the United States and Canada. Their range extends further down to Georgia and west all the way over to the State of Oklahoma. They’re also native to the Ohio river drainage system.


Due to their reputation as a top game fish, Smallmouth have been introduced throughout much of North America, extending past their original distribution all the way over to the Pacific river drainages.


In Canada, they can be found in British Columbia, central Saskatchewan, Lake Winnipeg and in the Columbia river system.


They’ve developed such a reputation worldwide that Smallmouth been introduced to many lakes and rivers in Asia, Europe, Africa and even Hawaii. They’ve been highly successful in adapting to their new home locales, preferring the same habitat from their original distribution of the Great Lakes in North America.