depth finders are necessary in summer when the Brown Trout go deepBrown Trout like cool water. In the summer the water heats up quite warm creating a thermocline.

While summer is relatively short in the north, it does get hot with temperatures reaching 80°F degrees. As such the water near the surface and down about 10 feet heats up quite a bit in a warm summer.

Brown Trout retreat from the shallows and head into deeper water.

A depth finder will show you the exact depth of the lake as well as the location of the Brown Trout and other fish species. It also helps you understand the depth of the thermocline.

  • The best way to fish for Brown Trout in summer when they are deep is through trolling methods. Don’t forget though, they are sensitive to noise.

Casting is a form of fishing that always works in pretty much any situation, with the exception of moderate to fast moving rivers. Some novice anglers like to try and cast on fast moving rivers, but it’s like hiking in the snow with running shoes. You can do it, but why would you.

For river fishing, fly fishing is the only way to fish.

Summer Trolling Techniques

When trolling for Brown Trout, you’ll not need anything stronger than a 12 pound test. In fact 12 pound monofilament line is a little bit of an overkill.

However, you need to consider the other fish species that will go for the same bait and lures that you’re fishing for. For the smaller lakes, consider 8 pound test for a better experience and make sure to set the drag appropriately.

Your rod should be a light to medium action.

When fishing from a boat with a few friends we suggest using a planar board. These devices make your life much easier. Planar boards keep the baits at a specific depth and prevent your lines from getting tangled. They are pretty much essential if you have 3 lines or more being fished from the boat.

Avoid Boat Traffic

When you’re trolling on small or busy lakes pay careful attention to boats and other recreational traffic. And in areas that are very busy consider trolling later on in the day or early in the morning.

Not only can it be difficult to navigate around traffic but heavy traffic creates a lot of noise and scares the fish away. Attention is still required for big lakes like the great lakes, especially in reduced visibility.

Essential Trolling Electronics

Get yourself a fish finder unless you’re just out to enjoy the great outdoors.

When fishing a new lake, you won’t know the depth characteristics of the lake and as such, you won’t know which depth to fish at.

You’ll find the Brown Trout head below the thermocline and stay there to avoid the heat.

Keeping an eye on the fish finder will help you understand the thermocline, where the Brown Trout are located and the summer movement patterns.