You’ll appreciate having a shallow water anchor on board if any of these sound familiar.

  1. If you’ve ever stumbled across the perfect spot, you’re getting unbelievable hits every time and you want to turn off the motor so as not to scare the fish, but worried you’ll drift. Then the answer is ‘yes’.
  2. If you’ve ever been in a boat trying out a new fishing spot and using up all your run time just trying to stay put because it turns out your motor is not up to the conditions. Then the answer is ‘yes’.
  3. You’re an avid lover of the great outdoors and want complete quiet with no running motors. The answer is ‘yes’.
  4. If you competing at a top level, then it’s a definite.

Available in a variety of lengths, 8’, 10′, 12′ and 15’ and adaptable enough to fit any transom and orientation. These fast-deploying anchors keep you where you want to be and close enough to get your pitches in there every time. Top brands like Talon are controllable from anywhere on your boat.


You’re given complete freedom to move from spot to spot at the touch of a button, making a shallow water anchor the perfect accessory.

Ease of Control

A stand out feature of a shallow water anchor is easy control. It can be wirelessly controlled through a foot switch or remote-control device you can keep in our pocket. Operate via your fish finder or an app on your phone. Top brands are compatible with your i-pilot or boat’s control panel.


With options like these, it’s easy to drop anchor when you arrive without alarming the fish and move on quickly. And by drop, straight down, deploying vertically with minimal disruption to announce your arrival at your fishing spot.

Talon contol options:

1. wireless foot switch
2. wireless remote
3. Humminbird fish finder
4. mobile app
5. i-Pilot pink & i-Pilot remote
6. Talon control

image of shallow water anchor demonstrating the simplicity of style

The simplicity of style backed up with functionality


These are the reasons why you’ll like a shallow water anchor. And after having one, won’t want to go back.

Low Environmental Impact

  • Minimum impact with maximum holding power

A standard anchor can drag along damaging aquatic flora and fauna. In contrast, the vertically descending spike of a shallow water anchor keeps your boat from drifting on the faster-flowing waters and current with minimal river or lake bed damage.


Rocky, uneven or shifting river beds remain in-tact as the spike finds footing in between obstacles, only leaving a small hole behind when you leave.


Adapt to Conditions

  • Standard mode
  • Rough water mode
  • Soft bottom option

Top brands have a choice of options to help you stay anchored no matter what the conditions are like. When the weather picks up, and things get a little choppy, there’s a ‘rough water mode.’ You’ll get 3x the hold in this mode, and the suspension system allows your boat to glide up and down in rough conditions, while still holding the boat steady and securely in place.


If the next perfect spot ends up having a sandy or sludgy bottom, there’s a ‘soft bottom mode’ which means you don’t chase off the fish by muddying the water or stirring up clouds of sand by signaling something big is around.


For all other fishing conditions, there’s a ‘standard mode‘ so these anchors keep you solid and cover any situation you might find yourself.


Fast Deployment

Telescopic tap-of-a-button deployment means when you find your spot there’s no drifting along the river or ocean when the anchor is dropped, waiting for it to catch. Instantaneous deployment keeps you right where the action is.


It doesn’t spook the fish. Silently and unobtrusively going straight down with no messy ropes or chain noise. Most importantly, it doesn’t snag on rocks, logs or other underwater obstructions like other anchoring systems can.


Adaptable to any boat

It doesn’t matter if your boat has a flat or curved transom, these anchors can be mounted directly on to your transom, in between the jack plate and transom or the outboard and transom. Port or starboard mounting is your choice depending on preference and wired into the boat it can be operated from anywhere onboard.


And for those worried about aesthetics, they come in a range of colors to match your boat.


Housing your boat in a garage or shed is not a problem, even with an 8-15′ verticle anchor. Use the telescoping option and invest in optional tilt brackets to store.


The verdict: A shallow water anchor will keep you in the best spots and increase your chances of landing your dream catch.

This video from Minn Kota shows the detail well


As with most things there are disadvantages, and it won’t be for everyone straight up.

These are the 4 drawbacks to consider:

  1. Cost. If budget is an issue, put a shallow water anchor on your ‘wish list’ and buy your essentials first
  2. If you want to fish from the back on the boat, it can, at times get in the way
  3. Like to tuck in close to the shoreline, under low-hanging trees? The height can pose problems
  4. If you only fish very deep water, obviously this isn’t needed

However, if you’re competing in tournaments at a top-level, then that’s another story. The shallow water anchor provides competitive advantages.