Florida Largemouth bass enjoy the lake as much as they enjoy the rivers. Lakes offer slow running water, vast amounts of shelter in the way of rocks, over-hanging cliffs, sunken trees and logs as well as docks and shipwrecks.


Most lakes in North America have a good portion of waterways that have weed beds. These are perfect for largemouth bass and this is the reason they can easily be introduced to other lakes.


In Florida they’re also found in the vast number of canals and marshes. These environments offer excellent cover and food that enables them to grow very quickly over their northern counterparts.

Best lures for Bass

Boy Howdy

lure for florida largemouth

try the Howdy Boy in black with silver

Along with other experienced Florida Largemouth bass anglers, we recommend using the Boy Howdy in silver with black back.

  • Technique for Boy Howdy

The best way to move this lure through the water is by using steady reeling, with the occasional twitch and pause as it’s moved through the weeds. The front and rear propeller helps this lure move through weedy growth effectively.

Calm Days

For calm days on the lake, use a long Rapala.

  • Technique for rapala

rapala calm days

Use the rapala with small twitches and pauses. Once you get a strike, set the hook immediately as the Florida Largemouth usually swallow the lure in one gulp.

Breezy Conditions

If a breeze picks up, switch to a buzzbait with a white skirt, a trailer hook and trailer.

  • buzzbait

    switch to a white in windy conditions

    Technique for buzzbait

Once you get a strike, give a second or two before setting the hook.

Lure color to use

  • use black and blue at night
  • day use white or chartreuse

Weedy and grassy conditions

Spinnerbaits are effective lake lures in weeds, grass and timber locations where there’s a light wind.


Try using a silver Colorado blade towards the front followed by a larger gold willow leaf in the back. The best weight to use is a 1/4 to 3/8 ounce. If you happen to use a double Colorado blade, use a skirt color of chartreuse.

  • Technique

When working over weeds and grass maintain a steady retrieve and set the hook immediately upon a strike.


Cold fronts have a direct impact on lake fishing in Florida. During November the cold fronts stimulate these fish to feed. These fronts usually result in warm water surface temperatures in the low 70°’s, which is conducive to catching bass on the surface with rattletraps and crankbaits.


However once they go down, use crankbaits Carolina style.

December cold

When December arrives the cold fronts cool the water to the mid to high 50’s in Central and South Florida. Like bass everywhere the Florida Largemouth become inactive at this time.


The best way to catch them in these cold months is using lures that appeal to their senses and will irritate them.


The pig and jig has proven successful at this time as it resembles the favorite food – crayfish. Buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and spoons are all very effective lures at creating vibrations and annoying Florida largemouth bass causing them to strike. You can find an explanation video for jig and pig on this link.


Just make sure that you cast your bait within a few feet of the bass.