Peacock Bass offer a much more aggressive fight than any largemouth or smallmouth bass can offer.

Natural Baits

The Butterfly Peacock Bass prefer baitfish over insects and crustaeceans.


Typical bait fish for the Butterfly Peacock Bass include threadfin shad, tilapia, bluegils and mosquitofish. Unlike other bass, crayfish are not the top bait – stick with baitfish for the peacocks. For Butterfly Peacock Bass that have been introduced to other habitats, feel free to substitute these bait fish recommendations for varieties found locally.

Best Butterfly Peacock Lures

Depending on the conditions,

  • use lures that make noise and stand out when they are guiding their young.
  • fly the lure through their territory to land close to them and the Peacock bass will strike with force
  • grab their attention is by using colorful 12-inch long lures or baitfish.

Appeal to their instincts and you’ll be very happy with the results.

Bait Size

Like all bass, Peacock Bass will go after the biggest bait it can get it’s mouth on. Too small a bait and you’ll attract small fish and not the lunker bass you’re after.

Sun’s Up and Hungry

Like the Largemouth, the Butterfly Peacock is a voracious predator and highly aggressive. They feed almost exclusively on fish and only feed during daylight hours as they need the sun’s energy to as a kick-start. Unlike other native bass of North America, the peacock bass is slow and lethargic in the morning and become more active and aggressive as the sun comes out. Only when the water and sun becomes too strong does this fish seek cooler water.


When the peacock spots its prey, it attacks quickly and in force.


It doesn’t nibble at its prey, but gulps it down in a lightning strike and then takes off. Peacock Bass strike baits out of 2 instincts:

  1. Hunger
  2. Protection of their territory. And they will aggressively chase down prey or fish that comes into their territory.

They are also strong defenders of their young.


Being territorial, it’s easy to catch them if you know where they are as a good lure that passes by will elicit a strike out of the instinct to protect their environment.

Night Feeding

The Butterfly Peacock Bass is not a night feeder. They pretty much shut down and become lethargic at night. The best time for them to feed is when the sun is out or later on in the day if it’s not sunny.