The Guadalupe Bass are night feeders and freely move about their habitat at night, often ending up in a new place in the morning.

Baits and Lures

They prefer water-bound insects, crayfish, fatheads, golden shinners and gizzard shad. Effective lures include plastic grubs, streamers and small crank baits. Some brand names that work are the Madam Xs, Convertibles, Clouser Minnows, Woolly Buggers, Pencil Poppers and Prism Divers.


However, as this is their spawning time, spinnerbaits, Jim Stewart’s Spin-N-Jim and the Buzz Bug are highly effective at causing the bass to attack to defend it’s territory.


Aquatic insects appear to be the food preference of the Guadalupe Bass based on a sampling of stomach contents of the fish. The most common insect by far for the juvenile Gradalupe is the larval emphemeropterans (mayflies).

Food Preferences

We also found that the Guadalupe Bass has no problem consuming hymenopterans, which include bees and wasps. As with all bass, the food preferences change from season to season as does the amount of food consumed. They consume the most amount of food during the summer months. In the winter months, however, it becomes quite dormant with the water temperature approching 40°F/4°C.

Guadalupe bass

When the water temperature falls below 45°F/7°C, these fish becomes lethargic and don’t eat as frequently as it holds to deep pools and riffles. The best way to catch it in these conditions is by angering it by making noise and intruding on its territory.


Adult Guadalupe Bass mostly feed on crayfish, insects and bait fish like minnows including golden shinners and fadhead minnows.


When the male stands guard over the nest, it won’t feed but has been know to strike in order to defend its territory. During spawning the females are chased away after laying their eggs and serve no part in raising their young.


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Golden Shiners

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Prism Flating Diver Lure

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