Bull Trout Spring Fishing Techniques

Sea Trout Name Confusion

While the Bull Trout is native to western North America, there is also a Bull Trout in Europe. However, this Bull Trout is a different species and is a much larger fish (Salmo trutta). We will not be covering the European Bull Trout in depth here.

The European Bull Trout is native to rivers in Scotland and northeast England and is not closely related to the North American species, though it is still a member of the Salmonide family.

Bull Trout Spring Fishing Techniques

The Bull Trout can be found in abundance in the Fraser river in Coastal British Columbia, Canada. However, we still recommend practicing catch and release and check with local authorities for catch limits.

The most effective way to cast for Bull Trout is to use spoons that are sized for fish in the two pound range.

Spinners are also very effective as the reflection of light off the spinner carries very well in the clear crisp waters of mountain streams like the Fraser river.

Focus on using spoons an spinners that replicate the look and movement of juvenile salmon and other bait fish common to the river.

Using Salmon Eggs as bait

The use of salmon eggs as bait is very effective when the Salmon return to spawn. While fish make up a huge part of the Bull Trout’s diet, they have a strong appetite for Salmon eggs like many other Charr.

Fish are pretty smart when it comes to recognizing food. They tend to set their mind on bait that is in season.

Therefore, if you were to try and use salmon eggs outside of salmon spawning, you would have less than good results. Always know the most popular bait fish in a river in each season to better improve your chances.