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Drinking Water on the Water

‘We might not always remember, but staying hydrated while fishing is incredibly important. Sun or rain learn why you should always be drinking water.’   My wife always used to get on me when I returned home from a day of fishing. Whether it was a guide trip, fun fish day, or a tournament, I would come home put my boat away, grab a bite to eat, then get to the couch and collapse. All in about 10 minutes. Here I would be until I dragged myself upstairs to go to bed for the rest of the night.  ...

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Bass Fishing with Electronic Lures

Fish everywhere are being tagged by fisheries in order to track a fish’s movements in the wild. It’s not really a stretch that lures are becoming electronic. The question is ‘Are they successful or simply a gimmick?’ Review of the Bite Light Also know as light n’ live and the Light n’ Strike, the Bite Light is an electronic lure that has become a top selling lure for catching bass in the United States and Canada for the past few years. What sets this lure apart from other lures is a flashing light that glows bright red when lit.   The light is powered by a tiny battery and controlled by a small chip, much the same as you would find in an expensive European watch, where batteries often cost around US$15.00 or more. A company that sells the lure claims that using the lure produces non stop action with no more than 7 minutes between each catch. Fishy Claims? When we first heard about this lure, everything we saw came across as a gimmick. The ads looked like gimmicky, the some web sites selling them were cheap looking and used all the right words and phases to get someone to part with a few dollars. All referred to “as seen in field and stream”. Was it an ad or was it a write up?   The sales literature...

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What are Spinnerbaits? The ever popular, and universally loved spinnerbait comes in 2 basic shapes. The U or V shaped wire, and the Y shaped are the two major forms of this lure. And that’s it.   Their variety comes in the type of spinner, the bait used and the placement of other accessories.   Simply put, a spinnerbait is any fishing lure that has one or more metal blades shaped so as to spin like a propeller when the lure is in motion, flashing with the light reflecting off it’s surface.   The vibration that it gives off...

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Fishing Tackle – Swivels

  The purpose of swivels is to prevent line twisting and to allow lures and spinners to revolve. They shouldn’t be used when a simple knot will suffice or when a split shot sinker will work. Swivels are meant as a motion device. 9 swivel tips – this is what you need to know use them only when needed; bottom rigs don’t require swivels unless the current is strong small swivels work best 2 swivels usually work better than one and should be of the same type 3 swivels are required when trolling with flashers, cowbells, lake trolls, big...

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Tip of The Month

Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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