entering the water to fish, or fishing from a bank

Wading Staff

a stick or pole that helps to balance and steady and angler while wading in a fast current


A float attached to fishing line by its bottom only, used with a rod and reel for still water angling.

Walking-the-dog Retrieval

A surface plug or stick bait lure retrieval technique that moves the lure from side to side. Begin with a slightly slack line and the rod tip pointed down, then make rhythmic short jerks with the rod tip while simultaneously turning the reel handle a little with each jerk to collect the line.

Warm Water Species

A broad classification on non-salmonid fish that generally have at least one spiny ray, have pelvic and pectoral fins located behind the gills, and are usually suited for water that consistently exceeds 70 degrees F.

Weedless Lures

A lure with a guard covering the hook to prevent snags, or a lure that does not easily become caught on obstructions.


Usually refers to aquatic plants. Technically a plant that grows in a place where it is not wanted.

Wet Fly

A sinking artificial fly that primarily represents subsurface forms of aquatic insects in freshwater.

Whip Finish

A knot that is used to finish off thread winding and that prevents the thread from unraveling.

Whirling Disease

An infection of young salmonids caused by a microscopic, waterborne parasite that attacks cartilage and causes the fish to chase its own tail.