What’s an ipilot and do I need one?

Easy questions to answer. Do you need one? Probably not.

Does every fisherman want one? Absolutely,  yes they do.


The most innovative, technologically advanced trolling system on the market, once you’ve laid eyes on one and seen it in action, it goes on everyone’s Christmas list. Why wouldn’t it? It’s stacked with all the features you could want to allow more rod-in-hand time to chase that big bass.


All available at the touch of a button on the remote hanging around your neck or on the foot pedal you’re driving with. And the best part, it’s so easy to use that even those of us that aren’t too tech savvy can operate it with ease.

Let’s run through all the features. Here’s a quick minute and a half video to show you which button controls what on i-Pilot if you’d prefer to watch first then read on for the explanations.


Absolutely the best part about this system is that it can you can drive, update and have complete control from your mobile device. It’s compatible with iPhones and iPads as well as Android, provided they are running iOS 8.0 or up, and for Androids, you’ll need a 4.4.2 or up.

I-pilot v2 – Minn Kota show just what their jewel can do


A great feature giving you a secure, fast connection and allows you to update your i-Pilot straight from your phone anywhere anytime there’s a new update adding more awesome features.

Mobile App

You can get them from the App Store or Google Play depending if you’re an Apple or Android user, but the main thing is, i-Pilot is compatible with both so don’t worry, they won’t leave you out.  


Shown on the remote as a little anchor down the bottom, it’s the most used feature locking in those magic spots where the fish are biting hardest with accurate GPS co-ordinates so you can return time and again.

Spot-Lock Jog

Moves the boat forward and back, left and right 5 feet in any direction, so you move with the fish staying on top of the action and never miss a strike.

iTracks – (this is gold)

iTracks logs and maps your traveled paths so you can retrace and return to any spots you want, anytime at the touch of a button.


Just push the button to return to any of your previous spot locks or iTracks and your boat will drive itself there, all you have to do is relax and fish, let the boat do the rest.

Advanced Autopilot

Pick your heading, click the button and stay on it. This is a great feature for following shorelines or just for trolling around.

Speed and Steering

Your direction and speed are at your fingertips, displayed with big easy to use buttons pointing in any direction you may want to go meaning even the biggest sausage fingers can drive them and manoeuvre with ease.

Cruise Control

Just like in your car, once you find that perfect trolling speed on the day, press the button and lock it in then take up your rod and get fishing.

Full LCD Screen

Makes maneuvering a breeze by displaying speed, direction, and distance to your destination clearly at a glance. The screen has just been updated to a larger display making viewing easier in low light or when the weather turns.

All of this is also protected by the famous Minn Kota 2yr Warranty so be sure you don’t misplace your receipt because your warranty starts at purchase date, not manufacture date. Make sure to spend five minutes when you get home and register it online just in case you do misplace your receipt, that way there’s no disputes. For more information on their warranty policy, go here.



Handy Hint: photocopy your receipt. Sometimes the ink can fade quickly from a cashier receipt so if it’s not printed, photocopy it to keep your 2-year warranty legible and intact.

i-Pilot is available on several of Minn Kota’s top freshwater and saltwater models.

For freshwater models, go here.

For saltwater models, go here.

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