Largemouth Bass ...

Florida Largemouth Bass has significant impact on tourism

With over 10,500 miles (16,898) kilometres of rivers, streams and canals, Florida is filled many many large bass. The largest ever caught in Florida is 17.27 pounds (7.8 Kg).

Lake Trout ...

Lake Trout is not a Trout, it's a Charr

The Lake Trout is also know by many other names and is found the world over due to its size. In 1961 a 102 pounds/46 kg Lake Trout was caught in Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan.

Rainbow Trout rainbow trout

The Rainbow Trout and Steelhead Trout are the same

Rainbow Trout that are sea-run are called Steelheads, landlocked, or remain in freshwater all year around are called Rainbow Trout. Essentially, they are the same species.

Invasive Species ...

Snakeheads can survive Siberian winters, now in Maryland

The Snakehead will attach not just for food but out of aggression. These fish kill as a reflex. What's worse is that they can grow up to four feet long and are no match for domestic fish.

Invasive Species ...

Sea lamprey is eel-like that feeds on the body fluids

The sea lamprey is an aggressive predator with few predators capable of wiping out other species. It has even been know to attack swimmers in the Great Lakes.

Freshwater Monster ...

Alligator Gar is a fish that you never forget once you see it.

So strange in appearance that it looks like a fossil from the time of the dinosaurs. In fact, the Alligator Gar as a species is far older than the human race, going back as far as 100 million years.

Fishing Hooks fishing hooks

BFG covers all your fishing tackle needs.

We explain the different hooks types and materials, floats, lures, reels, rods, flies, lines and so on. We provide facts and information for all experience levels.

Crappie Fishing crappie

Crappie Fishing

BFG together with Takasaki bring you some of the best crappie fishing tips and tricks for all you excited anglers out there.

Sockeye Salmon sockeye salmon

Kokanee Salmon are not a separate species of salmon

Kokaneee Salmon are Sockeye Salmon that live their entire lives in freshwater. There is little distinction in their DNA to differentiate Kokanee from Sockete Salmon.