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Oceanic The open ocean Offshore Fishing Fishing the deep-water areas on the edges of ocean currents or the blue-water shelves for big-game pelagic species, particularly billfish and tuna Oligotrophic Lake A lake which is...

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Zander species of fish Zebco reel manufacturers Zooplankton Small aquatic animals that are suspended or swimming in water.   If you have a term or definition you think we should add, please Contact Us and we’ll...

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Yolk Sac In embryos and early fish larvae, a bag-like ventral extension of the gut containing nutrive materials. It nourishes the growing fish until it is able to feed itself. Yearling A one year old fish Yield The weight or...

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Wading entering the water to fish, or fishing from a bank Wading Staff a stick or pole that helps to balance and steady and angler while wading in a fast current Waggler A float attached to fishing line by its bottom only, used...

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Vegetation Fishermen refer to any underwater plant as vegetation. Ventral fin the fin located on the front of a fish’s abdomen Vermiculations These are short wavy worm like lines on the back and sides of some fish....

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Undulating To move in waves. Referring to the movement of a female fish’s tail in a waving motion used to move gravel for the construction of a redd. Uni Knot a knot used for terminal and line-to-line connections. Upstream...

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Texas Rig The standard, virtually snag-free, worm-rigging method. Consists of a worm, slip sinker, and hook, with the hook point turned inward and back, embedded in the neck area of the worm. Tag A mark on a fish for...

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Salamander a small, lizard-like animal. Salinity the concentration of salt in a body of water. For example, the salinity of a saltwater wetland changes whenever freshwater is added when it rains, and each time the saltwater is...

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Rapids a section of stream or river that is characterized by small falls and turbulent high velocity water. Reed a pit or trough made by female salmon and trout in the gravel bottom of rivers or streams for spawning. Essentially...

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Quartering Sea waves coming toward the side. Quill Float a float made from the quill of peacock feathers. Not used as much nowadays. Quiver tip special type of rod used to detect bites when ledgering. It has a sensitive tip that...

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Nail Knot a fishing knot for line-to-line connections. Natal birth place Natal Stream stream of birth. Native Species a species of fish endemic to a specific region, watershed, or body of water. Natural Bait live or dead...

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Top Tips

Smallmouth Bass prefer cool, oxygen rich water.

Therefore, try streams and rivers with fast moving water. Smallmouth can also be found behind brush or other debris and where rocks breach the surface, creating oxygen rich water.

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