generally a man-made concrete or earthen barrier constructed across a river or stream to control water flow or create a reservoir.



a term used for fish or animals that live on or near the seabed or water bottom.

Depth Finder

broad term for an electronic device which determines the distance between the boat and the bottom of the body of water (depth) and often the bottom composition as well.


an acronym for Differential Global Positioning System.


fish that migrate between fresh and salt waters.


any small hand held net with rigid support about the mouth used for landing fish.


man-made abutments, often wood, which extends into a body of water, either floating or suspended above the surface by legs, generally to assist in boating.


pertaining to the back, or situated near to or on the back.

Dorsal Fin

the fin located on the back of fish, and in front of the adipose fin, if one is present.

Double Ender

a canoe with a pointed bow and stern.

Double Haul

an element of flycasting where the line is accelerated on backward and forward casts for better control or greater distance.

Down Rigger

equipment which enables trolling at precise depths, and the use of much lighter tackle in deeper waters. Typically, a “cannonball” (metal weight) is attached on a cable with the fishing line attached to a release which trips when a fish is on hook, thus allowing the fish to be played on a free line.


a term for shad that have spawned and are migrating downriver to return to the sea.


generally the result or action of a fly drifting on the surface or submerged in water flowing at a greater rate of speed, or, the device on a reel which slows the release of line when the reel is in gear.

Dressed Weight

fish weight after removal of entrails.

Drift Net

a long net trailed behind commercial fishing boats.

Drifting and Drift-Trolling

using the movement of a boat, by wind or current, to fish by slowly drawing a line with a lure or bait, through the water, as opposed to using a motor or oars to power the boats movement.

Dry Fly

a fly which imitates natural flies in the habitat, such as shad flies, mayflies, mosquitos and caddisflies. Dry flies float on the surface of the water.

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