Fall Techniques

methods for catching fish most effective in, or solely intended for the autumn time of the year.

Fan Casting

a method of fully covering the water in front of an angler by casting in an arcing pattern. The angler starts casting the lure or fly in one spot and makes successive casts clockwise or counter clockwise from the original starting point until the full range of water is covered.


a common nautical measurement in the Imperial system, equalling six feet, or 1.83 metres.


antiquated term for sonar.


cutting the sides of a fish lengthwise, parallel to and free from the backbone, accompanied by removal of the rib cage.


an organ on different parts of a fish that may be used for propulsion, balance and steering.


the name for a young fish in its first or second year of life.

Fish Finder

a generic term used for electronic units, generally sonar, that identify fish and outline the bottom of a body of water.


a large die-off of fish.

Flies and Fly Fishing

fly fishing is the technique where the fisherman casts his line, instead of bait or a lure and flies are extremely lightweight lures which generally resemble the natural insects, worms, bait, fish eggs or natural prey of the habitat. Since flies are so light, the weight of the line is used to cast and thus allows for the presentation of the lightweight fly at the end of the line.


devices that are attached to a fishing line often used to maintain bait at a certain depth. The float, or bobber, floats on the surface and often will indicate a strike when a fish takes the bait.

Food Chain

a term used to describe the relationship of organisms which are interrelated in their feeding habits, where organisms that are lower in the chain are fed on by organisms higher in the chain.

Forage Fish

small feeder fish which abundantly breed and serve as food for predatory fish.

Foul-Hooked Fish

a fish that is hooked anywhere except in the mouth, such as in the belly or gills.

Frazil Ice

is the first stage in the formation of sea ice. Loose needle-shaped ice crystals that has the appearance of slush


a technique to present extremely lightweight lures, such as flies, in a moving stream or river. The line is fed out and no leader, sinker or weight of any type is used and the current of the water keeps the lure or bait from sinking to the bottom.

Fyke Net

a net with a long bag and hoops that is set in lakes and streams for catching eels.

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