term for alkalai borosilicate glass, a type of high-tensile modulus fibreglass used in fishing rod construction.


the study of living organisms in relation to each other and their environment.


is the biological environment combining the land, water and air together that makes up its community and the interacting organisms which inhabit this community.


a current at variance with the main current in a stream of liquid or gas, esp. one having a rotary or whirling motion.

El Nino

is a warm ocean current of variable intensity that develops after late December along the coast of Ecuador and Peru and sometimes causes catastrophic weather conditions.


it is a fish sampling technique using electric currents and electric fields to control fish movement and/or immobilize fish, allowing capture.


the primary stages of development before an fish becomes self supporting.


native to or limited to a specific region.


anything, such as machines, clothing, tools, etc., that is used for fishing.


is the part of the mouth or lower course of a river in which the river’s current meets the sea’s tide. Estuaries are also characterized by a higher salinity from freshwater, but not nearly as much as salt water.

Eutrophic Lake

a lake which is nutrient rich and surrounded by nutrient-rich soils which add nitrogen, phosphorous and numerous other fertilizers to the waters. Eutrophic lakes generally have a very high percentage of mud and weed bottoms.

Exotic Species

introduced species, ranging from Zebra Mussels to Trout, not native to the place they inhabit.

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