a pole or handle with a large hook at one end used to land large fish or pull them into a boat.


a kitchen on a boat.

Game Fish

a fish that is sought after for recreational or sporting purposes or is regulated by law for recreational harvest.

Gang Hook

is a hook several points, made by joining the shanks of two or three hooks together. This hook type is ideal for fishing with live bait and is most popular with two hooks joined together with the hooks 180 degrees from each other.


the fleshy, and vascular breathing organs of fish, enabling them to draw oxygen from the water.


a pivoting receptacle for fishing rods that maybe located on a rod belt, mounted on the front of a fighting chair or located in rod holders.

GPS Systems

an acronym for Global Positioning System, which is an electronic device used to for navigation and determining location.

Grand Slam

a term used to describe the catching of a billfish or some highly prised fish.


a man-made structure projecting into the water from the shore to protect a sandy beach from erosion.


a chumming preparation made from crushed bread crumbs or stale bread that is soaked and stiffened with bran or cornmeal. They are then tossed into the water clouding and flavouring it.


the larva of an insect used as bait. Also a term for small to medium sized artificial soft lures used with jigs.

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