a young sexually mature salmon male that returns to freshwater rivers during the spawning run.

Jerk Baits

a specially balanced plug or soft worm without a built-in swimming action, fished fairly shallow beneath the surface in a twitching motion. Strictly used in casting, Jerk baits are mainly freshwater lures.


is an old-time method of making a quiet, sneaky presentation of a lure close to cover, primarily used in fishing for smallmouth bass.


an artificial lure with a metal head moulded to a single hook. The hook shank may be dressed with fur, feathers, rubber, soft plastic, pork rind, other synthetic materials, and occasionally with live or dead natural bait. Jigs are very popular in ice fishing.


the sporadic up and down movement of the rod to imitate natural movement of a lure.


rectangular-shaped boat that has a flat bottom and a square bow and stern.

Jug Hook

a single hook and line attached to a floating jug rather than to a hand-operated mechanical reel.

Jugular Pelvics

pelvic fins in front of the pectoral fins.


small, easy-to cast metal lures that are used in quick-casting to schools of surface-feeding white bass, largemouth bass, and striped bass.


spotting, chasing, and fishing for schooling fish that are feeding on the surface; this term is generally used in freshwater for bass species.

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