Ice Fishing

in northern locations, winter fishing through drilled holes in a frozen lake or pond.

Ice Out

the time when enough ice melts on the lake to make open water fishing possible.


the scientific study of fishes.

Imitator Flies

artificial flies that imitate or suggest the natural insect.


the period of time from egg fertilization until hatching.


existing naturally in a region, state, province, country, etc.

Inflatable Boat

a lightweight collapsible craft with inflatable sides and bow; generally 10-12 feet in length, and powered by a small outboard motor.


a tributary mouth to a lake or the sea.


small creatures with six legs protruding from the thorax, no backbone, and a segmented body. Aquatic and terrestrial insects are an important food source for numerous freshwater fish species.

Inshore Fishing

fishing the coastal marine areas (i.e. estuaries, rivers, and bays of near shore ocean waters) from a boat for resident and migratory species.

Intertidal Zone

the shallow area along shore in an estuary between high- and low-water marks that is exposed at low tide and covered by high tide.

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