Keel Hook

a hook with a raised shank or keel.

Keep net

net used to keep fish alive to be returned after the end of the fishing session.


also called “black” or spring salmon, kelts are sea-run Atlantic salmon that have over wintered in a river and returned to saltwater in the spring. Kelts are thinner and initially darker than fresh bright-silver spring migrants, but lighten as they approach the sea.


a self-propelled dual-pontoon float tube.


small outboard motor used for trolling.


the intertwining of one or more pieces of fishing line as a fastening.


the name given to a landlocked sockeye salmon.


any of the small, pelagic, shrimplike crustaceans of the family Euphausiidae, eaten as food by certain whales.


the distinctive hooked jaw that male salmon develop during spawning.

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