Nail Knot

a fishing knot for line-to-line connections.


birth place

Natal Stream

stream of birth.

Native Species

a species of fish endemic to a specific region, watershed, or body of water.

Natural Bait

live or dead organisms that occur in nature and which are used to attract and catch fish.

Natural Fish

a fish that is produced by parents spawning in a stream or lake bed, as opposed to a controlled environment such as a hatchery.

Natural Lakes

lakes formed by glaciers or by other natural means.

Natural Mortality

deaths in a fish stock caused by predation, pollution, senility, etc., but not fishing.

Neap tide

the tide with the least difference or movement, between the high and low water, happens during the first and last quarter of the moon.


the shallow portion of inshore saltwaters adjacent to the shoreline.

Nest Guarding

the parental practice of patrolling the nesting area, thus protecting a nest’s eggs from likely predation.


an aquatic insect during its immature stage of development while underneath the surface of the water.

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