Palming Rim

the overlapping rim flange on the spool of a fly reel, manually used as an auxiliary spool brake.

Palomar Knot

a fishing knot for terminal connections.


method of cleaning small fish that may or may not be suitable for filleting or that are to be cooked whole.


a term widely used to collectively describe a variety of small freshwater fish of several species. Species commonly known as Pan fish are bluegills, pumpkinseeds, crappie, white bass, yellow bass, and white perch.


small young anadromous fish (typically salmon and trout), living in freshwater prior to making the sea migration. During this life stage, parr develop large, camouflaging vertical or oval rounded spots that will gradually disappear as the fish becomes silvery (regardless of whether the fish goes to sea).

Party Boat

usually a large vessel that accommodates individual anglers, mostly on a nonreserved basis and with daily fares per person, paid upon boarding.


any agent that causes disease, such as a virus, protozoan, bacterium or fungus.


Spanish word for peacock bass.

Pectoral Fins

the anterior (front) paired fins, attached to pectoral (shoulder) girdle.

Pelagic Fish

free-swimming fish that inhabit the open sea and are independent of the seabed or water bottom.

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