a section of stream or river that is characterized by small falls and turbulent high velocity water.


a pit or trough made by female salmon and trout in the gravel bottom of rivers or streams for spawning. Essentially it is a nest.


a line-management device affixed to a fishing rod, used to store, dispense, and retrieve fishing line.

Releasing Fish

see Catch and Release.


a natural or artificial lake that is a source or store of water.


a large natural stream of flowing water.


an instrument or piece of equipment with a handle, shaft, and reel seat, which connects a reel and line for the purpose of making a controlled presentation of bait, lure, or fly.


the eggs of fishes.

Rough Fish

the species of fish that are considered to be of either poor fighting quality when taken on tackle or of poor eating quality, such as carp, gar, suckers, etc.


water that flows over the ground and reaches a stream as a result of rainfall or snow melt.

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