a small, lizard-like animal.


the concentration of salt in a body of water. For example, the salinity of a saltwater wetland changes whenever freshwater is added when it rains, and each time the saltwater is added or removed when tide rises and falls.

Salmon Tailer

a nooselike device that cinches over the caudal peduncle of a salmon for landing.

Salt Front

the upper limit of saline intrusion in a tidal river. Saltwater is more dense than freshwater and pushes upriver as a wedge.

Salt Water

water that contains a relatively high percentage of sodium chloride.

Sand Spike

a rod-holding, pointed tube inserted into the sand, used by surf anglers to secure a rod.


a member of the perch family, the sauger is a smaller and slimmer version of the walleye. The sauger is often overlooked by anglers, or mistaken as walleye (and are usually marketed as such in stores). The saugeye is a hybrid cross between a walleye and a sauger.

Schooling Behavior

1. the herding or grouping tendencies of fish within a species or of related species, into a large moving unit as a means of reducing predation. 2. the behaviour of a group of game fish actively feeding upon Bait fish or other prey, and are thus vulnerable to anglers’ efforts.


bottom-dwelling fish preferring cold shelf waters and the rocky tidal pools throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Sculpin are mainly a marine species, but the smaller freshwater sculpin (2 to 7 inches in length) are found in the deep water of the Great Lakes, clinging to the bottom to feed on small invertebrates and mollusks.


a mountain rising 1,000 metres or more above the sea floor.


metallic lure in the shape of a table spoon. Used in spinning.


fishing for sport.

Spring tide

tide with the largest difference between the high and low level water. Happens around the time of the new and full moon.


a salmon that is born in freshwater streams and migrates to the sea or large lake, then comes back to spawn.


the practice of releasing artificially reared fry or fingerlings into ponds, reservoirs, or open waters. Stream – a body of running water.


to protect your eyes and help you see those fish. Polarised are preferred.


of the sea, braking waves close to the shore.


one who fishes from the shore by casting into the surf.

Swim bladder

a tough-walled gas-filled sac lying in the upper part of the body cavity of many bony fishes just beneath the vertebral column; its principal function is to offset the weight of heavier tissue such as bone. In some fishes used for sound production or respiration.


A swimfeeder is a weighted frame around which you pack the groundbait into a solid ball or a small hollow tube into which you pack your groundbait.


one who engages in Swoffing, the sport of saltwater fly fishing.


similar to Club – a group of anglers who each pay a sum of money annually enabling them exclusive fishing rights to a water.

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